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Comprehensive coverage of the Bundesrat's work exists in the form of agendas, official documents, minutes of meetings and other parliamentary material.

The following documents can be consulted in the German section of the website:

Official documents

Official documents (Drucksachen) are drawn up on all topics considered by the Bundesrat. The Database contains all official Bundesrat official Documents since 2003. It is possible to run a full-text search (Volltextsuche), for example using key words in the title or document reference numbers.

Official documents (in German)

An overview of topics currently being considered can be consulted under the heading 'new documents' (Neueingänge).

Table of contents for the bound volumes of official documents

Service for libraries: The cover sheets and tables of contents, to be used when binding the individual volumes of official documents for each year, are available here as PDF files to download and print (Inhaltsverzeichnisse zu den Drucksachenbänden).

Table of contents (in German)

Agendas of plenary sessions

Overviews of the agendas (Tagesordnungen) for the current and last two plenary sessions contain an enumeration of the agenda points with the relevant official documents, These overviews also indicate which committees examined the proposals and list speakers registered for speaking time on the various agenda points. Shortly after each plenary session has ended, the resolutions adopted and/or other outcomes of the session are added to the overview.

Agendas (in German)

Stenographic reports on plenary sessions

The stenographic reports (Plenarprotokolle) contain a verbatim report of all comments during the plenary sessions. All stenographic reports since 2000 can be consulted online.

Stenographic reports (in German)


Information about the Bundesrat's work and how it participates in the legislative process is also available in the form of various statistical evaluations.

Statistics (in German)