The Bun­desrat's Ger­man-Rus­sian Friend­ship Group

Photo: Meeting of the Bundesrat's German-Russian Friendship Group

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The Bundesrat organises a Friendship Group with the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to enhance cooperation between these two state bodies whilst fostering an exchange of experience and information on their tasks, functioning and modus operandi. It also provides a forum in which to address topics of mutual interest.

Furthermore the Friendship Group aims to help strengthen the many existing regional contacts between the German Länder, or federal states, and the Russian federal subjects (Oblast and Krai), whilst also further improving the existing good relations between Germany and the Russian Federation.


The Friendship Group came into being in the year 2000 as a result of a joint declaration by Prof. Kurt Biedenkopf, then President of the Bundesrat and Minister-President of Saxony, and Mr Jegor S. Strojev, then Chair of the Federation Council.

On the German side, the Friendship Group is composed of members of the Bundesrat and the federal states' envoys to the Federation. The Russian-German Friendship Group of the Federation Council is made up of members of the Federation Council.

Both the German and Russian delegations appoint a chair and a deputy chair, selected from their members in the Friendship Group. These chairpersons seek to maintain ongoing contacts with each other and draw up the Friendship Group’s programme of activities.

Working method

As a general rule, the Friendship Group meets once a year for a meeting that spans several days.

These meetings are held alternately in the Federal Republic of Germany and in the Russian Federation. Each meeting focuses on a particular topic agreed upon in advance.

Members of the Federation Council in the German-Russian Friendship Group

Name Function
Valery A. Ponomarev

• Chair of the Friendship Group

• Representative of Kamchatka Krai
• Member of Foreign Affairs Committee

Valery N. Vasilyev• Representative of Ivanovo Oblast
• Member of the Committee on Economic Policy
Alexey V. Kondratev• Representative of Tambov Oblast
• Member of the Committee on Defense and Security
Viktor M. Kress • Representative of Tomsk Oblast
• Deputy Chair of the Committee on Science, Education, Culture
Igor N. Morozov• Representative of Ryazan Oblast
• Member of the Committee on International Affairs
Boris A. Nevzorov• Member of the executive authority of Kamchatka Krai
• Deputy Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State-Building
Elena V. Popova• Representative of Volgograd Oblast
• Member of the Committee on Social Policy
Eduard E. Rossel• Representative of Sverdlovsk Oblast
• Member of the Budget and Financial Markets Committee
Mikhail P. Shchetinin• Representative of Altai Krai
• Chair of the Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management

Members of the German delegation to the Friendship Group (in German)

Liaison officer in the Bundesrat

Claus Koggel

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