EU bodies Bun­desrat rep­re­sen­ta­tion in var­i­ous Eu­ro­pean Union bod­ies

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If planned measures to be discussed by the Council of Ministers primarily affect the exclusive legislative competences of the federal states, the Federal Government entrusts negotiations in European Union Council of Ministers meetings to a ministerial-level representative of the federal states, or Länder, pursuant to § 6, sub-section 2 of the Act on Cooperation between the Federation and the Federal States in European Union Affairs (EUZBLG) in the policy areas of schooling / education, culture and broadcasting.

In all other cases in which the federal states hold exclusive legislative competence, the Federal Government conducts the negotiations in cooperation with the federal states. Representatives of the federal states are authorised to submit statements in Council meetings.

The Bundesrat has appointed representatives for the following Councils of Ministers:

  • Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council (including audiovisual media)
  • Justice and Home Affairs Council (including civil protection)
  • Other Council bodies – the Single Market and trade issues

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