International relations Con­fer­ences of Speak­ers of Par­lia­ments

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The Bundesrat is represented in both the Council of Europe's Conference of Presidents of Parliament (Council of Europe CPP) and in the Conference of Speakers of the Parliaments of European Union Member States and the European Parliament (EU CSP).

The speakers of various parliaments have met at regular intervals since 1975 (in bicameral systems, the speakers of both chambers are invited to these meetings).

These Conferences of Speakers seek to improve contacts between European parliaments and to foster discussion of topical European policy issues. Conclusions may be adopted at the end of such meetings.

Council of Europe CPP

The Council of Europe CPP is made up of the speakers or presidents of parliaments from the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, together with the Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and of the European Parliament. Speakers of Parliament from Canada, Israel and Mexico attend as observers.

The Council of Europe CPP takes place every two years, hosted alternately at the seat of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg or in the capital of a Council of Europe member state.


The EU CSP is made up of the Speakers or Presidents of parliaments in the 28 EU Member States, together with the President of the European Parliament. Speakers of Parliament from accession countries are invited to attend as guests.

The EU CSP meets once a year in a European capital. Roughly three months beforehand, the Secretaries-General of participating parliaments meet to coordinate preparatory work for the conference.

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