EUROPEAN SENATES As­so­ci­a­tion of Eu­ro­pean Sen­ates

Grafik: Logo der Vereinigung der Senate Europas (Senateurope)

The Association of European Senates is an alliance of Senates and Second Chambers from European states. It aims to foster relations between its members and to promote the bicameral system in parliamentary democracy. In addition, the Association highlights the European Union’s vision, seeking to strengthen European identity and raise awareness of European ideals. The Association nonetheless also numbers members from outside the European Union.

The Association of European Senates was founded on 8th November 2000 in Paris at the initiative of the President of the French Senate, Mr. Christian Poncelet.

The Bundesrat was also among the founding members. The Association now comprises 15 Senates or Second Chambers.

The members meet at least once a year, each time in a different venue. At these conferences the second chambers are represented by their Speakers or Presidents or by a parliamentarian appointed by them.


Members of the Association of European Senates

  • the Belgian Senate
  • the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • the Federal Council of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrat)
  • the Senate of the French Republic
  • the Senate of the Republic of Italy
  • the First Chamber of the States General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • the Federal Council of the Republic of Austria (Bundesrat)
  • the Senate of the Republic of Poland
  • the Romanian Senate
  • the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
  • the Swiss Council of States
  • the National Council of Slovenia
  • the Senate of the Kingdom of Spain
  • the Senate of the Czech Republic
  • the House of Lords of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Council of State of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg participates regularly in the Association’s meetings as an observer.


Annual conferences

The annual conference is arranged under the aegis of the hosting Speaker, who takes charge of organising the conference. He or she is assisted by the Speakers in charge of organising the previous and the subsequent annual conference.

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