Com­mit­tee on For­eign Af­fairs

Foto: Flaggen der Europäischen Mitgliedstaaten

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The Committee on Foreign Affairs deals with relations with foreign states, which are conducted by the Federation pursuant to Article 32, Sub-section 1, Basic Law. The issues considered by the committee thus broadly correspond to those examined by the Federal Foreign Office - with the exception of policy on the European Union, as the Committee on European Union questions was set up in the Bundesrat specifically to address EU policy matters.

As the federal states traditionally appoint the heads of government at state level to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, it is also described as a "political committee". A further particularity is that the committee does not have a regular schedule for meetings but only meets when there are important grounds to convene a meeting. The committee generally uses written procedure to deal with its routine work, for example the ratification of international treaties as stipulated in Article 59, Sub-section 2, Basic Law.

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