Com­mit­tee on Labour, In­te­gra­tion and So­cial Pol­i­cy

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The Committee on Labour, Integration and Social Policy (referred to below in abbreviated form as the LIS Committee) deals with labour-related matters in the broad sense of the term, issues pertaining to social policy, and topics relating to integration. The committee’s responsibilities therefore encompass inter alia the policy areas that fall within the remit of the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security (BMAS).

The LIS committee focuses in particular on labour law, occupational health and safety, promoting job creation, labour market policy, unemployment insurance, employment issues for non-nationals and all the legal fields associated with these issues.

Integration of people with a migrant background has become increasingly important in recent years and will play a growing role in future. The committee therefore addresses integration as a cross-cutting issue in all areas of legislation.

Topics addressed by the committee in the realm of social policy include, for example, pensions law, assistance provided to war victims, social assistance law, the concerns of disabled people, rehabilitation law, as well as international social law.

The Committee on Labour, Integration and Social Policy is the lead committee for examination of draft legislation drawn up under the aegis of the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security (BMAS). This is also the case for draft legislation from the relevant bodies in the federal states.

In all other cases, including draft European Union legislation, the LIS Committee participates in deliberations on proposed legislation on the basis of its remit to address labour and social policy issues, and when questions pertaining to integration are involved.

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