Com­mit­tee on Cul­tur­al Af­fairs

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The areas for which the Committee on Cultural Affairs is responsible correspond to the spheres of competence of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Government Commissioner for Cultural and Media Affairs (Federal Government).

The committee is in particular responsible for considering the following issues:

  • General education
  • Special schools, schools abroad
  • Higher education institutes
  • Promoting vocational training
  • Vocational training, continuing and further training
  • Employment law provisions
  • The regulatory framework for science and research
  • Stimulating research and technological development
  • Media - film, radio and television, new communication technologies
  • General culture preservation schemes, protecting cultural goods, supporting cultural institutions, art
  • Archives and libraries
  • Conserving culture abroad
  • Sport in the educational context

The Committee on Cultural Affairs is responsible for examining bills that have been drawn up under the aegis of the bodies mentioned above or by one of the corresponding state ministries. The committee is also involved in discussions of other bills if the policy areas mentioned above are affected.

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