Di­rec­torate-Gen­er­al A - Com­mit­tees

The Committee Offices (except the Legal Affairs Committee) fall under the aegis of Directorate-General A – Committees.

A Committee Office, headed by a Committee Secretary, has been established for each Bundesrat Committee.

Generally speaking however two to three Committee Offices share staff. That means that one Committee Secretary, together with his or her team, is responsible for up to three committees.

The Committee Offices provide support to Committee Chairs as they prepare and chair committee meetings. They also draw up the minutes of the committee meetings and compile committee resolutions into printed Recommendations (Official Documents).

Recommendations from the committees are a key basis for votes in the Bundesrat. The recommendations adopted, supplemented where applicable by successful motions from individual federal states, are compiled into printed Decisions (Official Documents).

The Office of the Committee on European Union Questions is also the Office of the Chamber for European Affairs. It ensures that the comprehensive written information about EU business received from the Federal Government is transmitted promptly to the appropriate administrative units in the federal states.

The head of Directorate-General A is also the Secretary of the Finance Committee.

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