Di­rec­torate-Gen­er­al P - Par­lia­men­tary Di­rec­torate-Gen­er­al

Head of Directorate-General:

Dr. Michael Wisser

The Head of Directorate-General P is also Head of Division P 3 – Presidium Office, Protocol.

Abteilung P
- Parlamentsabteilung -

11055 Berlin

workPhone:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-140 / -141 faxFax:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-400

The Parliamentary Directorate-General is made up of the following divisions:

Division P 1 - Parliamentary Service, Parliamentary Law

The Parliamentary Service and Parliamentary Law Division could be described as the plenary session’s bureau. Its work mainly involves preparing, running and follow-up of the plenary sessions in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

This encompasses, for example, receiving draft legislation and motions, preparing the allocation of the bills to the various committees, commissioning printing of meeting documents, compiling bills ripe for discussion for the agenda and supporting the president by providing meeting services.

The Parliamentary Service’s role as coordinator means that it must maintain close contacts with all the bodies that play a part in the legislative process. This means that it is always in touch with the federal states’ representatives to the Federation. At the same time, the Parliamentary Service also acts as a link to the other constitutional bodies. In particular, it communicates with the Bundestag and the Federal Government on an on-going basis to ensure that the constitutionally enshrined deadlines in the legislative process are respected.

The Parliamentary Service is also responsible for certain matters pertaining to the Presidium and the Permanent Advisory Council, as well as general issues concerning Bundesrat Members. It also deals with publication of the Bundesrat Manual.

The Parliamentary Law division handles general questions pertaining to the Bundesrat's structure in the constitutional context and its legal position within the legislative process. One particular focus here is this division’s remit to deal with the provisions in the Bundesrat's Rules of Procedure.

Head of Division:

Monika Rumpe

Referat P 1
- Parlamentsdienst, Parlamentsrecht -

11055 Berlin

workPhone:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-120 / -121 faxFax:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-128

Division P 2 - Parliamentary Relations, Visitor Service

This Division works to foster relations with other parliaments in Germany and abroad, as well as with interparliamentary organisations, and also deals with visiting delegations from Germany and abroad.

The Division’s remit includes dealing with preparations when the Bundesrat President and Bundesrat Members participate in interparliamentary/international conferences. Important decisions on policy orientations in European and international politics are often taken at such conferences, which are becoming ever more significant as a result of increasing globalisation. This Division cultivates the Bundesrat’s relations with parliaments all over the world, provides advisory support to other parliaments, particularly in recently democratised countries, and is responsible for receiving delegations from other countries on visits to the Bundesrat.

A further facet of the Division’s work is the Visitor Service, which every year provides an opportunity for more than 60,000 adults and young people to find out more about the Bundesrat’s responsibilities and functioning. In addition, school pupils can become acquainted with the legislative process through a role-play specially conceived for school groups.

Head of Division:

Claus Dieter Koggel

Referat P 2
- Parlamentarische Beziehungen, Besucherdienst -

11055 Berlin

workPhone:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-490 / -491 faxFax:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-400 / -493

Division P 3 - Presidium Office, Protocol, Events

This Division deals with matters pertaining to the President and Vice-Presidents of the Bundesrat, and with Bundesrat events.

The Presidium Office handles all public appearances and other appointments of the Bundesrat President, both in Germany and abroad. This includes preparatory work for official visits abroad by the Bundesrat President, and also involves preparing the programme for official visits to the Federal Republic of Germany by international guests at the invitation of the Bundesrat President. In addition, the Presidium Office also handles the Permanent Advisory Council’s official trips abroad.

The Presidium Office takes the lead in social events hosted by the Bundesrat President. In addition it deals with protocol issues concerning the Bundesrat, its President and the Bundesrat Members, including protocol-related matters at events to which the Bundesrat President and Bundesrat Members are invited. In addition, this Division organises the Bundesrat’s Open Day and the Bundesrat’s presentation at the annual public street party marking the anniversary of German reunification.

It is also the contact point within the Bundesrat’s Secretariat when the Bundesrat President is acting in her capacity as a representative of the Federal President.

Head of Division:

Dr. Michael Wisser

Referat P 3
- Präsidialbüro, Protokoll, Veranstaltungen -

11055 Berlin

workPhone:  +49 (0)30 18 9100140 / -141 faxFax:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-148

Division P 4 - Press and Communication

This Division’s main responsibility is communication with the general public. It is the contact point for the media and members of the public, and is also responsible for the Bundesrat’s online services, publishing information material, and handling communications sent to the President of the Bundesrat.

The Press Office is first and foremost responsible for providing information about parliamentary activities. As well as informing journalists, representatives from associations and the general public about the state-of-play on current draft legislation, the Press Office produces readily comprehensible overviews of important decisions taken by the Bundesrat, which are published in the Plenum Kompakt section of the website, and is also in charge of general information explaining the Bundesrat’s work. In addition, it reports on the Bundesrat President’s official trips and appointments,

The Bundesrat’s website, Twitter feed, several apps and a series of other online services play a key part in communicating information. The Online Editorial team and the Press Office create and update editorial content for these media, as well as focusing on further development of these information channels. This Division is also responsible for classical outreach tools such as information brochures and give-aways. The Online Editorial Team also coordinates the Bundesrat’s in-house Intranet.

This Petitions Unit responds to the numerous letters and emails sent to the Bundesrat by members of the public and interest groups that contact the Bundesrat and the Bundesrat President with ideas and proposals on specific draft legislation or with more general comments.

Head of Division:

Camilla Linke

Referat P 4
- Presse und Kommunikation -

11055 Berlin

workPhone:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-170 /-171 faxFax:  +49 (0)30 18 9100-198