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Terms of use

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Terms of use for videos

The Bundesrat records the plenary sessions and other in-house events, and makes these available to download.

The Bundesrat holds the utilisation rights for these recordings.

Downloaded videos may be used for the purpose of political reporting for:

  • Press publications
  • Publications in print media
  • Film and television distribution
  • Online and multi-media publications.

These provisions also apply to private non-commercial purposes and to non-commercial purposes in the sphere of political education. Utilisation extending beyond this for commercial purposes, in particular for advertising purposes, is forbidden.

Any editing, re-working or manipulation of the images and /or audio that extends beyond colour grading, cropping and resizing is permissible only with the prior written consent of the Bundesrat. Equally, the images and /or audio downloaded may not be reproduced out of context in a manner that distorts the meaning of such images and/or audio.

Any distortion of the recordings, in image, text or any other form, using conventional or electronic means, is prohibited. The user is responsible for captioning.

The media are, in particular, obliged to comply with the journalistic principles of the German Press Council (Press Code). Permission to use the images does not imply that the persons pictured, the holders of the rights to artworks depicted or of trademarks or other property rights have given their consent to public reproduction. The user bears sole responsibility for obtaining the consent of third parties as required in each individual case. The user must respect the personal rights, copyright, trademarks and other property rights of the persons, artworks, objects or signs pictured. If such rights are not respected, the user alone is liable for any compensation due to third parties.

When utilising images or audio material, the source must be cited as "Bundesrat". This also applies to electronic publications such as Internet sites. The Bundesrat reserves the right to require that more extensive information be provided.